Double Exposed

35mm film.
with Jose Benitez.
part of “Faces & Places” and “+1” 

Double exposed is a visual representation of a pen-pal exchange between my friend and fellow artist, Jose Benitez, and myself. We used film photography to pass the time and stay in touch when socially distanced from one another, as a result of the pandemic. If a picture is worth 1000 words, these collaged photographs represent a 2000-word pen-pal letter exchange. Double Exposed explores the themes of juxtaposition and attraction. We took turns taking photos on a 35mm film roll, and captured the dichotomy of the perceived masculine and feminine, by photographing and juxtaposing portraits, landscapes, and foliage collaged over each other. The result was a conversation, explored through abstract expressionism.

Two of Hearts

35mm Color film


35mm Black and white film

This collection of prints explores polarizing energies. Each image balances black and white, representing semblances of the non-physical.